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Live edge table tops

Here you will find our stunning and entirely unique live edge table tops.

Each board is a one off and amongst the largest pieces to be cut in the UK over recent years. The tree from which these boards were milled was so large that it required a new sawmill to be built to tackle it. This is because we weren’t able to find a conventional sawmill capable of slabbing a log of this size who were still running.
The tree originated in Northern Ireland, it came down in a storm due to the ground under its roots being washed out. A real shame for a tree this size but the beauty of the timber does it justice! Showing off beautiful grain, pippy and burr knots that create a stunning live edge full of features. We have counted the rings and estimate that this tree is around 350 years old. Meaning it started growing around the reign of Charles II!

Live edge table tops at this size are ideal for feature dining tables, stylish designer pieces, statement conference tables and even resin river tables.