The Quarter Sawn Oak Company

Suppliers of the finest quality British oak to DIY and trade

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What We Do

Hello! We are the Quarter Sawn Oak Company, a family run oak saw mill supplying rough sawn (R/S) or Planed All Round (PAR) oak boards machined to your specification. Originally set up and still run by Austin Neves, A time served master cabinet maker, in order to supply his workshop with the highest quality oak.

We focus on milling 1″ (~25mm) and 1/2″ (~13mm) thick quarter sawn oak boards.  We can also supply 2″ (~50mm) and greater thicknesses of plain sawn oak (often called ‘crown cut’ or ‘through and through’). We supply rough sawn oak and PAR machined from these thicknesses. Give us a ring or email your cutting list through for a quote.

We supply our oak boards to a wide range of businesses and individuals where applications vary from:

  • Architectural installations such as cladding or panelling.
  • Restoration projects where traditional oak boards may be required.
  • Hobbyists.
  • Interior designers.
  • Boat makers.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you with your project then call us on 01433 670 213 or send us an email.

The Trees

The trees need to be the finest large diameter English oak trees, To this end we have an agent who finds the best trees we can get!

The oak is winter felled (minimum sap) and planked as soon as is possible, usually February. The boards are then taken stacked and sticked and left to air season for up to 2 years (for the 1″).

This we find gives the most stable and easy to work stock. it can then be kiln dried if necessary to reduce the moisture content (M/C) to 10-12%


Why Quarter Sawn?

Quarter Sawn oak is not only very decorative, as it can display the medullary ray figuring (a favourite of Pugin, as you can see from his work in the houses of commons) but it is also very stable and is not prone to cupping like crown grained oak.

The Beginning Of The Company.

It was while restoring a Bramall Hall banqueting table designed by Pugin made by Crece (a cabinet maker from the Stockport area) that Austin realised every part of the table construction, even the unseen sliding mechanisms, were Quarter Sawn! It made sense to keep stability in mind when making a fantastic piece of furniture, and a decision was made to purchase a saw mill.

In 2010 another decision was made to sell some of our oak to the public… and so we started up the Quarter Sawn Oak Company.


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