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Welcome to the Quarter Sawn Oak Company!  We source, prepare and sell the finest quality British oak to both DIY and trade.  Our oak has been used in many projects worldwide from heritage products and restorations to modern, cutting edge designs.  Whether you want a single piece of oak for a chopping board or a complex cutting list to build a Welsh dresser, we can supply it.


  • EASTER BREAKwe will be closed for an Easter break from the 3rd of April re-opening on the 15th. Emails will still be monitored so please feel free to continue to email your requirements through and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you, Austin and Dan.
  • We have chosen to begin supplying American Black Walnut timber at 1.5″/40mm. The stock we have is prime grade, kiln dried and square edge. We are able to offer this at £105.50 per cubic foot. This is a timber we have been regularly using in our own furniture works, so we have ensured the quality of the stock is to a high level. Pictures and further info available on the shop page.
  • We are now VAT registered, all prices displayed in the shop now include the VAT and are detailed further when you check out, if you need more information please get in touch.
  • We have milled and are now seasoning a very large burr/pip oak tree, with the idea of offering them as single piece natural edged tabletops, we have had to build our own sawmill to cope with this as there is no longer a saw in the country large enough to cut it. Many of the boards are 5ft/1.5m wide and more, there are 2 lengths of the log at 10ft/3m long, we have milled a variety of thicknesses from 2.5″-4″, the slabs are coming out as stunning unique pieces and there are only a limited number available. Each one of the 2.5” boards are now listed with with pictures and information on our shop page, for any further information please get in touch.

We specialise in supplying bespoke cutting lists for customer projects, be it PAR, Sawn to size, or sufficient waney edge timber to cut from, standard widths and thicknesses are now available in our online shop, but if you would like a price on your cutting list please don’t hesitate to email it though to us or call for a chat about how we can help you with your project on 01433 670171.

Why quarter sawn? Quarter sawn oak is not only very decorative, as it can display the medullary ray figuring (a favourite of Pugin, as you can see from his work in the Houses of Parliament) but it is also very stable and is not prone to cupping like crown grained oak.  The trees need to be the finest large diameter English oak trees and to this end we have an agent who finds the best trees we can get!  The oak is winter felled (minimum sap) and planked as soon as is possible, usually February. The boards are then stacked, sticked and left to air season for up to 2 years (for the 1″).  This we find gives the most stable and easy to work stock; it can then be kiln dried if necessary to reduce the moisture content (M/C) to 10-12%.

We welcome visitors to the workshop to chat about your project although we can often be out, please call on 01433 670171 or email if you would like to make an appointment.


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